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John Quimby writes:

I have been playing with clay more or less full time now for

5 or 6 years.... I think of myself as self-taught until I think back

on all of the classes and workshops I have attended, lead by some great teachers including:

    Karin Rothwell, Sarah Heimann, Barbara Lane, Vince Pitelka, Naomi Lindenfeld


I have taught workshops on the neriage technique at:

     The League of New Hampshire Craftsmen, Littleton, NH

    EarthStar Pottery, North Hartland, Vt


And I have taught, as an assistant, handbuilding classes at :   

     The League of New Hampshire Craftsmen, Hanover,NH.   

    EarthStar Pottery, North Hartland, Vt


My pottery is sold primarily at EarthStar Pottery, and at Long River Studio, in Lyme NH. In the summer months, Barbara Lane and I keep each other company selling at community events in the Upper Valley region of Vermont and New Hampshire.

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