John Quimby Ceramics



John Quimby writes:

I have been playing with clay more or less full time now for

5 or 6 years.... I think of myself as self-taught until I think back

on all of the classes and workshops I have attended, lead by some great teachers including:

    Karin Rothwell, Sarah Heimann, Barbara Lane, Vince Pitelka, Naomi Lindenfeld


I have taught workshops on the neriage technique at:

     The League of New Hampshire Craftsmen, Littleton, NH

    EarthStar Pottery, North Hartland, Vt


And I have taught, as an assistant, handbuilding classes at :   

     The League of New Hampshire Craftsmen, Hanover,NH.   

    EarthStar Pottery, North Hartland, Vt


My pottery is sold at EarthStar Pottery and other venues. In the summer months, Barbara Lane and I keep each other company selling at community events in the Upper Valley region of Vermont and New Hampshire.

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